Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NO Blessings

You have no idea how much my unfettered NO is a blessing to me, and a blessing to you. The obligatory cords of toleration in Spite have snapped and now my mouth is free to smile at will and not just when I am called to do so.

It means I can actually feel your touch on my back and absorb it and want more of your warmth tracing the pattens of my skin, rather than waiting  as a future spector for you to not see me but your ex while you find some rememberance of her in my pussy.

It means I can write this and love myself. It means you can not speak to me because you thought I owed you something, because you thought you had me by the throat because you know 'all about me' and I know your penchant for cruelty by the thinly veiled glimmer in your eyes when you gossip. It means no weapon formed against me shall prosper...

It means it's possible for me to look in your eyes and see possibility and not dead-ends. My NO means hope, it means my yes is juicy, luscious and authentic. It means acknowledging that I hold infinite multitudes, and what I express, choose to create, desire to embody...

Is UP to me.


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