Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I might be a traitor

This chest cavity,
this black female body
donated to the movement

this black fist raises one flag,
this one wears her 'fro
her 'turban', her three-
quarters, her Afrika so well. 

this one is a wet dream
this negress farts rose petals
and fucks and bucks and
cooks eggs and grits
and carries a shotgun
with the butt to her
pregnant belly

this one might snap
in the kitchen with the beans
burning on an electric coil
and their ain't enuf speaking
in tongues or pleading the blood
to pull the pieces of her spine and
ribcage together so she can 
stand and smile and
regard her testimony 
as less than a crucified man
whether blue-eyed
or dreadlocked

so this one might open her mouth
and spit the only 
salvation she knows
and cuss a motherfucka out
back ten generations
for her mama, nana
and great-grandmother

light a cigarette and circle up
with other female bodies donated
for the sake of blackness
and talk about

these tits
this ass
this coochie
this nigga
these bastards
this heart
this rage
these tears

this wound
right here
this wound
right here

ends me

(written in response to NO! The Rape Documentary, which I viewed today courtesy of CVVC)

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