Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to keep yourself from crying to randomness...

stare into the sun
and roll your eyes
three times,

while pinching yourself numb

now close your eyes
rummage in the back of your head
for some life you forgot back there, some
reason your lungs still move air
and the earth hasn't swallowed
you whole. believe

you are not in vain
and this too shall pass 
<insert self-help statement here>

we have all seen the glory of
each other. I despair
my fear to love
you vast
as the ocean inside of me
with all the humility
of this star-born body

you may need to touch me first
and much
and often
and deep
and say 
these tears
don't last forever homie
this terrible.
ain't really even real, homie...


  1. i love your writing snd i love your blog and I LOVE YOU!!

  2. oh my god! cyber-stalker! sike naw... I love you too! xoxo