Thursday, December 8, 2011

So now I'm publicly working on this idea...

Wrestling with this point of even being here. Publicly. And I feel a little silly, to be honest. I've never been the bravest person, or the most open person or the person to think that much of what i say is what anybody really wants to hear, or read anyway. eh. but no matter. It's 2 am and I got court tomorrow. I should be sleep. i should be doing anything besides writing right now. But it's 12 days before my birthday/solstice and my heart is heavy/sore and my mind can't even rest cuz all my dreams are crazy.

my birthday wishes are:
to be held by someone that will listen to my heartbeat
to be seen
to curl up on a good friend's lap and cry for a while
to dance
to be heard and loved
to understand the gifts of my shadows
to be free!
to feel joy
to eat good food and drink good wine
to chant
to make love/deep/passionate/love deep as Olokun
to sleep a peaceful sleep
to see my children happy.
to be intimately and infinitely understood
a deeper root into life/being

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