Tuesday, December 27, 2011


how do I spend it? What will be my worship? God is Life/Death and anything in between. Which face does she show me today, and how will I dance with her? Howeverrrr I dew, it is all worship.

So cum now, lover. Play this game with me. Throw your passion upon this pyre and watch the show.

Did you think it would be that easy? What is easy turns to dust, what is difficult turns to dust. But you chose the road, you choose the game. So play. There is no sleep, no death deep enough, so play!

Nope I'm not fatalistic. I enjoy the honey. It dissolves, sweet. then there is nothing. I do not mourn the honey. I celebrate the time. The anticipation, the tasting and the dissolution...

but of course, I'm me,  so I look forward to the honey again.
this restlessness.
So Maybe I don't celebrate the dissolution.
then maybe I don't want the honey at all.
so maybe I reject honey cuz it's gonna leave anyway.
and while i'm at it i'll hold my breath.
and never cum.
and never love.

And maybe it'll all cum round again anyway. and i'll be at the banquet eyes full and stomach empty. afraid to taste what might leave.

and i'll be bitter.
and then the worms won't eat me.
or i'll make sure the worms don't eat me.
i'll get a metal casket.
cuz i'm bitter.
no in, no out.

taste life.
don't be skurrrred.
the drink is good
and the party
to die for.

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