Monday, February 6, 2012

Lizzie Unicorn

i have an alter ego. her name is lizzie unicorn. and shes fucking awesome. and rainbows make her cum. cuz theyre fucking pretty as allllllllllllllll hell. and chocolate. and pink feazther boas. and boys and bois. and gurlz. and liiiiiife and fuck you if you can't fuck with the yummy vibration of the yummygasm/godgasm and go find your own bitter/hell vibration. cuz im ridin this cozmic feathered rainbeaued orgasm of a snake bitch gawdess to the finite. or the beginning. so muah!!!!!! love you. and fuck is my favorite word. cuz it goddam is. period.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

spontaneous omens, sortilege and augary

it means you will break your heart over and over again
on an understanding rock
until you can breathe without the assistance
of a black and mild, wine flavor
plastic tip.

it means you will gather the pieces of what-you-are
and what-you-are not
and sift them over and over again
until this holographic feed
back loop makes sense
to your I-

It means you will speak
until the corners of your mouth crack
and you realize silence
tucked between
your words

It means you will handle ribboned winds
still katrina-bitter
and hope the flesh
in between your fingers
doesn't get brush-burned

It means you will fold your legs around Shiva's back
and collapse time into an 0
while trying to decipher the meaning of your grandma's
fish dreams at a copper T-crossroad

it means you will get lost
in the weight of your own story
riding your back while you sleep
until you at least attempt
to wake up

watch your mouth

we tend the avatars of
god with such cruelty.
perhaps we have all
been stoned 
in one way or the other

but this is no way
to grow people. we
hold time in our
medicine or poison
flies on our tongues
a dove
or a nightbird for the entrails

what bitterness
reaps, its hard medicine.

on nights like this
our hearts are important
so don't smash another's flowerbed,
tend your own jasmine garden

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Simon Says Genocide

genocide puts chemical burns on your scalp. geno
cide puts ulcers on your lungs in a
newport and black and mild way.

genocide is a language that hates you and everything
that looks like what
you might be

ide makes you scared of mirrors gen
ocide makes you wanna erase yourself
from the inside out

genocide teaches you you began with slavery,
had a hey-day with Lincoln,
and reached the promised land with King.

Genocide makes your name sound dumb.

genocide makes you smack her, slash her, attack her, cut her
womb with words and razors she look like
you though geno
cide means you don't care inside sometimes
cause you aint worth it

Genocide gives your baby a proper name.

genocide even wears kufis sometimes,
locs sometimes, afros sometimes,
my face sometimes,
your face sometimes,

genocide aspires to white femininity.

genocide means your music makes your ears bleed nigga/bitch/smut/slut/snap/jumpoff/whore/ho/ but
you hard enough to bear it
genocide means you dont mind the
bullets or redblue redblue redblue lights

cide means you don't think about tomorrow
and you don't think about yesterday
and you try real damn hard not to think about today,

genocide says shut up.

genocide tells you this is the way it's supposed to
be, this is life, this is in your blood, your birthright is
jordans and jailtime, geno

cide is sweet as a honeybun, from a corner store
selling chips and blunts and pills gen

ocide is a trap house on every corner
and the trappers trapped like the snaps is trapped
and this whole life's a trap, o snap!

It's genocide!


It is our obligation to love ourselves
It is our obligation to heal from oppression
It is our obligation to strive to see ourselves for who we really are.
 It is our right to be gentle with ourselves.
It is our duty to practice self-care.
It is our right to know ourselves as divinity condensed
It is our choice to see ourselves as whole
It is our struggle to see ourselves as worth it
we are worth it, and worth our struggle
there is nothing more worth our breath, our blood, our tears, our sweat, our joy, our love
than our lives